If you have any questions or concerns. Feel free to call or email use. 904-834-0438 or info @


Can my student book a lesson on my website?

We provide you with a simple custom page for students to schedule lessons (only in the times you allow)
Here is an example of an instructor using Scheduling Ace –

Does it work on my phone?

YES (and quickly) This is a big deal! If you can’t schedule lessons quickly on the lesson tee then you’ll end up just using google calendar. So we have a native application you can have on your iPhone or iPad. Simply go to the app store and search Scheduling Ace, download, and sign in using the same info you use with the web app.

Can students pay for lessons?

Currently no. I’ve heard most of you enjoy checks and cash more than paying fees with online payment. So we’re focusing on creating better features and tools for YOU

How does Scheduling Ace work. What does it do?

Scheduling Ace becomes the calendar and management tool for your business. You’re able to effectively manage your busy schedule anywhere, anytime.

On top of simple intuitive scheduling we have the best retention tools. We’re so confident about them we guarantee they’ll help you increase your private lessons by 10% in 90 days.

How do I get started with Scheduling Ace?

Simply fill out the form and we’ll get in touch with you.

How does Scheduling Ace help my instruction business?

“What do I do to get more lessons?”
“I get texts and calls at all times… day and night – MAKE IT STOP!!”

If you have encountered any of these issues Scheduling Ace can help. We let you know what action to take and give you the tools to do it. Scheduling Ace was built because instructors asked for an efficient system to manage their business

Money-back guarantee If you’re unhappy with the product in any way, we’ll gladly refund your last invoice.


Will I be able to change my plan or cancel?

At any time you can upgrade or downgrade your plan. You can also cancel anytime. We don’t lock you into any sort of contract.

Can I import my student database?

We’re doing things a bit differently. When you set up your account, you selected which questions a student answers. The first time they or you schedule a lesson they must take a couple minutes and answer those questions
We want to get this info so you can:
A) Send targeted emails
B) Understand WHO your customer is – Smarter advertising means lower expenses
*you will be importing your database into our email marketing provider – Mailchimp

Will I be able to put SA on mine and the club website so people will be able to book a lesson?

Yes! The subdomain your create will be the link you send all your students to. For instance

Could you let me know how I add my mail chimp account onto it.

If you have a Mailchimp account under “account settings” you’ll see the “extras” button. Click on that and you’ll see the “API key” create an API key and copy and paste that code into the box on SA. The lists take about a day to sync so they won’t immediately show up.